Welcome to the Madness

We've all had that moment where we looked at the new game on the store shelf and thought, "look, it's another fantasy game." Of course, could be different, but 9 times out of 10 (yes, I'm an optimist) it's just new names slapped on the same old things, and this time the orcs have purple skin, or whatever. It's long past time to breathe some new life into gaming's tired genres.

Welcome to the Genre Redesign Madness. Entrants, such as yourself, will be challenged to create a roleplaying game in just 10 days. You can't design just anything, though. That would be too easy. You will be given a random genre, one that has been used in many rpgs before, and it will be your job to do something new with it.

What do you get if you win? Well, you get bragging rights, for starters, and a chance to show the world how great you really are. I'll look into what else I may offer, perhaps some intensive critiques and maybe even a playtest if I can corrall a few friends.

In order to join the Genre Redesign Madness challenge, you'll need to sign up with wikidot, which doesn't require you to give any personal information other than an email address.

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